5 mobility drills every athlete should be using

At Waveblade, we are passionate about enhancing human movement mechanics, to improve physical performance, reduce risk of injury and speed up recovery time. It’s the whole reason we created the Waveblade Sports Roller and the Release, Move, Improve system.

Throughout our work as movement coaches and strength and conditioning professionals, we are constantly developing new techniques and drills to address our athletes movement preparation.

Our mobility drills are dynamic movements that address commonly restricted areas in athletic populations. Our drills are designed to enhance the relationship between good breathing mechanics and fluid movement patterns.

We have put together a video series of our top 5 drills.

The drills can be used by all athletes, regardless of their sport, and for fitness enthusiasts and desk jockeys alike.

RMI 90/90  drill:

The RMI 90/90 drill is an awesome full body mobilisation drill. It targets a wide range of areas in one movement, with particular focus through the problem areas of thoracic spine, thoracolumbar fascia, hip flexors and glutes. As a dynamic drill its important to apply good diaphragmatic breathing mecanics, exhaling whilst moving into each stretch section the drill.

We have 4 other awesome new mobility drills for you, targeting common problem areas. Utilise these drills prior to training as part of your warm up, and at the end as part of your cool down. This will help prevent injury and enhance recovery.

RMI Hip flexor drill – We love this mobility drill, its an awesome movement that targets a number of different issues in one go. Its an adaptation of a standard hip flexor stretch, that will also target psoas and quadratus lumborum tightness as well.

RMI Groin Reach – The RMI groin reach is a fantastic way to focus on balancing out the inner groin stabilisers whilst also highlighting movement restrictions and imbalances from one leg to the other.

RMI rock and reach drill – The rock and reach drill is designed to target the entire posterior chain in one go. It addresses thoracic spine mobility in the rocking phase and moves onto the posterior chain muscles of the lower back, glutes, hamstrings and calves in the reach phase.

RMI lower back drill – This is a drill that specifically targets the quadratus lumborum,  a muscle which often spasms or cramps in the lower back, which can be very painful and really restrict efficient movement. Injuries are prevalent in sports that require a lot of rotational movements, especially those dominated to one side, such as golf, cricket and tennis.