Fantasy Sports Betting on Fairplay

Fantasy Sports Betting on Fairplay

More and more players today choose to bet on fantasy sports for their gambling leisure time. This is an opportunity not only to try their luck, but also to apply strategic skills, make new friends, socialise and have a good time. In the Fairplay app (users have access to fantasy football, cricket, big tennis. The combination of luck and the right game will allow you to achieve big wins.

What is Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is a fascinating gambling entertainment in which the player does not just bet on some outcome, but can also control the event. Here are its important features:

  • The player creates his virtual team consisting of computerised copies of real athletes;
  • By participating in virtual sporting events, AI players can achieve various goals, win or lose, and rise in the standings (all actions and progress affect the fantasy game);
  • Fantasy athletes score virtual points, which are exchanged for real money and can be withdrawn from the platform’s balance.

The whole gameplay is realised in the best possible way. Thanks to excellent optimisation, all functions work smoothly and quickly. The fantasy sports section in the Fairplay app will give many pleasant gambling experiences.

Types of Fantasy Sports in Fairplay App

There are 3 fantasy sports disciplines available on the Fairplay app platform:

  • Cricket;
  • Football;
  • Big tennis.

A player competes with other users to collect game points for a set period of time. If the same number of points are scored, a tie is scored.

Fantasy Football

In the beginning, the player needs to create his fantasy team. Then every week the starting lineup must be selected. Once the lineup is approved, during the week the virtual athletes will play and earn points. During this time, the following actions are available to the Fairplay app user:

  • View virtual sports matches in a broadcast format;
  • Communicating with an adversary (another platform user);
  • Examining statistics and drawing conclusions about further changes in the team’s composition.

Thus, the player acts as a coach of his own virtual team. This is a very exciting gambling experience.

Fantasy Cricket

Fantasy Sports Betting on Fairplay

If the player has chosen fantasy cricket, he is offered to assemble a virtual team of 11 athletes. To buy them initially given 100 credits (internal virtual currency of the platform). The team must necessarily include:

  • Wicket;
  • Chopper;
  • Universal;
  • Bowler;
  • Captain;
  • Vice-captain.

Further, the principle is the same as in fantasy football. A virtual team plays matches, successes and victories bring credits that can be exchanged for real money. Every week the player can change the composition of virtual athletes in his team.

Fairplay app users who are not too familiar with the rules of cricket can run trial matches for practice. They do not require spending real money to buy credits.

Fantasy big tennis

The player assembles a line-up of 8 virtual tennis players, taking into account the salary ceiling restrictions. The players then participate in virtual matches, winning or losing. As the player progresses, he accumulates virtual Fairplay app points (credits) that can be exchanged for real money.

Top Benefits of Fairplay App India 

Most players from India choose to download the Fairplay app download to their mobile Android or iOS devices, instead of the desktop site or mobile web version. This product has the following important pros:

  • Easy, intuitive interface with simple navigation through all game events;
  • All the features that are present on the official website are available;
  • All game data is synchronised with other devices and versions of the platform (using a common login), which usually ensures a seamless transition between versions;
  • Thanks to excellent optimisation, all the functions of the Fairplay app run smoothly and quickly;
  • The app saves battery power.

You can easily Fairplay app download right now to appreciate all its benefits for yourself.

Benefits of Fantasy Sports on the Fairplay App

Today, fantasy sports on the Fairplay app is rapidly gaining popularity. Players note the following advantages of this trend:

  • Developing skills to effectively build a sports team;
  • Applying different strategies and making favourable decisions to increase winnings;
  • The opportunity to call your friends into the game or gain a new social circle of fantasy sports fans.

In many ways it is a unique gambling entertainment. Fairplay app gives you the opportunity to experience all its advantages and start winning


The gambling entertainment market continues to evolve. Fantasy sports is a great new trend, where not only luck is important, but also the decisions made by the player. Try this section in the Fairplay app and feel like you are the coach of your own team. Sign up now to get a 100% bonus on your first deposit. Good luck in the game!