Roll over foam roller, the Waveblade has arrived!

A superior sports massage product, designed and engineered  in Australia is coming, and it is set to change the way athletes address their preparation and recovery sessions, enhancing their athletic potential.

Engineered to offer superior performance, the multi purpose blades are designed to target specific muscle groups and the tight spots that conventional products are not sturdy, or accurate enough to release.

The Waveblade is designed to be the only product that safely and effectively targets all problem areas of the body. It is lightweight and convenient for athletes on the move.

The patented Waveblade design was developed to safely and effectively replicate techniques applied by sports and massage therapists, to promote recovery and improve athletic performance.


  • Enhanced circulation – The unique Waveblade pattern safely and effectively creates a high-low pressure system that allows for the maximum amount of blood to reach tight and damaged muscles, therefore providing nutrients and oxygen to enhance recovery and improve performance.
  • Variable stretch – The Waveblade pattern provides multiple contact points that stretch muscles and fascia in multiple and opposing directions, to provide a more effective release. A technique inspired by massage and sports therapists. 
  • Consistent pressure – The Waveblade has been engineered to provide a constant reliable pressure for athletes, to encourage constant mobility gains, avoiding muscular adaption and plateaus.
  • Durable – The Waveblade has been engineered to be durable and lightweight, allowing it to withstand a variety of training environments from the pool deck, to the weight room to the outdoors.
  • Targeted release – The blades and additional trigger-caps provide athletes and therapists complete control, allowing them to specifically target tension points and regulate pressure accordingly.

Waveblade® has been 3 years in the making, ensuring that all problem areas for athletes have been addressed. It is due to be released in early 2016 through a crowd funding campaign via the Kickstarter platform

The Kickstarter campaign will allow early adopters to pre-order the product at a reduced rate.

Matt Waterton and Choppy Somjee are the creators behind the Waveblade. Together they have more than 25 years  experience in sports coaching, strength and conditioning, and injury rehabilitation.

They first met in Bondi, Sydney in 2013, having both studied extensively under the FMS system, and shared similar philosophies around movement, training, and physical therapy.

Prior to moving to Australia, Englishman Matt and Choppy, who hails from Canada, had suffered major injuries that heavily disrupted their own sporting ambitions – Choppy in triathlon and Matt in snowboarding. They worked hard in rehab to get back to full fitness and educated themselves throughout the process. Through their own respective recovery journeys, they discovered the Self Myofascial Release (SMR) tools on the market did not meet their needs.

They found the body adapted too easily to soft products, making them less effective. Durability was an issue and they also found that they had to buy multiple products to do the job, as there was no ‘all-in-one’ solution that targets all problem areas of the body. Thus the Waveblade was born.

Matt has worked in sports coaching, strength and conditioning, and corrective exercise for more than 15 years, After many years travelling and working within the winter sports industry, he returned to the UK to work in strength and conditioning with professional soccer teams, athletes and corporate clients. Since 2009, he has been based in Sydney with his business Strength in Motion specialising in injury rehab, injury prevention, and strength and conditioning programs.

Choppy has been a triathlete, strength and conditioning coach, and remedial massage therapist in both Canada and Australia. He runs a sports injury recovery clinic in Byron Bay, where he combines and applies the disciplines of therapy, nutrition, strength and conditioning to his clients. He is also completing his MA. in Osteopathic Medicine.