Lift strong and lift safe! Mobility drills for overhead lifting

With the rise of crossfit we have seen an increase in the utilisation of overhead lifting exercises and Olympic lifting drills such as the snatch.

Just like any other exercise we see a vast array of different levels of technique. With such dynamic, complex and powerful movements, there is a lot that can go wrong and coaches frequently miss key areas or restrictions that could impact on the performance of these lifts.

5 mobility drills every athlete should be using

At Waveblade, we are passionate about enhancing human movement mechanics, to improve physical performance, reduce risk of injury and speed up recovery time. It’s the whole reason we created the Waveblade Sports Roller and the Release, Move, Improve system.

Sleep is a weapon every athlete should utilise

The most important component of recovery is sleep.

Sleep is recovery.

Many athletes, “eat, sleep and breathe” for their sport but how much quality sleep are they actually getting? How is it affecting their performance?

Are you neglecting your recovery?

Being an athlete is a science and recovery is a crucial component of training. As a sporting (performance-driven) culture, we spend a considerable amount of time looking at how we can get faster, become stronger, and endure for longer.